Aristosyrphus melanopterus

Aristosyrphus (Eurypterosyrphus) melanopterus (Barretto & Lane)

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Aristosyrphus (Eurypterosyrphus) melanopterus (Barretto & Lane, 1947).

Barretto, M.P. & Lane, J. (1947) Novos Microdontinae brasileiros (Diptera, Syrphidae). Revista de Entomologia, Rio de Janeiro 18, 139-148.

Author(s): Mengual, Ximo
Rights holder(s): Mengual, Ximo

Differential diagnosis

Eurypterosyrphus is recognized as a subgenus of Aristosyrphus, differing from the typic subgenus by having a dorsomedial tubercle on the face ventrad to the antenna, profemur with a distinct spinose pad basally and usually having the apical crossvein (vein M1) straight, not processive.

Author(s): Mengual, Ximo
Rights holder(s): Mengual, Ximo


Cheng, X-Y., & Thompson C. F. (2008).  A generic conspectus of the Microdontinae (Diptera: Syrphidae) with the description of two new genera from Africa and China. Zootaxa. 1879, 21-48.
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